Race for the Rivers

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Race for the Rivers - 20 miles

C2 Men's Touring Canoe (1)


Jeff Conderman
St. Peters, MO

Mitch Berry
St. Peters, MO

Goal: $70.00Pledges: $0Pledge Now!

K1 Men's Sea Kayak (2)

Hold My Beer and Watch This

Charles Jacks
Saint Charles, MO

Goal: $40.00Pledges: $0Pledge Now!


Ray Schroeder
Lake St Louis, MO

Goal: $40.00Pledges: $0Pledge Now!

K1 Women's Sea Kayak (1)

Hold My Beer and Watch This

Bridget Jacks
Saint Charles, MO

Goal: $40.00Pledges: $0Pledge Now!
C1 Men's Solo Canoe
K2 Women's Open
C1 Women's Solo Canoe
K2 Mixed Open
C2 Men's Touring Canoe
Pedal Drive Men's Solo
C2 Women's Touring Canoe
Pedal Drive Women's Solo
C2 Mixed Touring Canoe
Pedal Drive Mixed Tandem
C2 Men's Competition Cruiser
Pedal Drive Men's Tandem
C2 Women's Competition Cruiser
Pedal Drive Women's Tandem
C2 Mixed Competition Cruiser
Voyageur Canoe
K1 Men's Sea Kayak
Stand Up Paddle (SUP)
K1 Women's Sea Kayak
K2 Men's Sea Kayak
K1 Men's Open
K2 Women's Sea Kayak
K1 Women's Open
K2 Mixed Sea Kayak
K2 Men's Open
Team Division (3-4 paddlers)

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